5 ways to make the best use of your first year in Lagos State University.


  1. God /Supernatural: Some of you are pissed off now seeing this, you have just left home and here is your chance of freedom,leaving the God-fearing child that you are back at home and living any life that you like on Campus.
    Yes Education teaches Positivism and rationality ,but do you need to be reminded this is Africa and there are forces beyond nature?Now that you are in lasu is not the time to throw the Godly values you were taught in mosque back at home or in Church However there are Religious bodies on campus to cater for your spiritual life and moral life.For the christians,lasu have the non-denominational chapel for all christians located at the badagry gate for all christians lecturers and Students alike,also are different denominations allowed to worship on the chapel lawn,there is the Redeem Christian fellowship, Foursquare Fellowship, Cherubim and Seraphim unification Campus fellowship, Mountain of fire Campus fellowship, Potters,e.t.c all run by students like you.

for the Muslims there’s the Main Mosques at same badagry gate section and of course the Muslim student association of Nigeria.The advantage of belonging to this religious bodies above is beyond spiritual benefits,in any of the religious body you will meet staylites who are always eager to mentor freshers, sort your accommodation issues, academic issues if you have one,you can meet staylites studying same course as you and they will give you materials and ebooks that they have used in their freshman year, of course most times you will meet brilliant staylites in such circles, they are ready to mentor you into academic excellence. As times goes on in your journey in lasu you will discover that the race is not for the swift, reading hard may not be a guarantee for good academic record sometimes it involve engaging the supernatural ascribed to your faith will bail you out of numerous glitch and cramps you might encounter in lasu.

2. First Things First:

The purpose of you being in lasu is for you to get a degree of whatsoever,do not loose focus of that. of course not everybody will be book worms or genius, feel free to have aspirations beyond the four walls of the school some got skills to chase, some are CEOs already some Freshers are working somewhere some are aspiring student politician, some are upcoming music artist which is good but for you to have a tie with lasu balance yourself on the scale ,chase your aspirations and at the same time secure your academics ,and if you are the book type give it all your best. Just be able to balance everything.
3. You are a fresher,act like one:

Yes, no matter how long it take you to secure an admission,you might be old or young now, you are still a fresher, away with the maturity cap you trying to put on, even if you have heard lots of things about lasu from staylites that are probably your relatives,don’t feel too big to explore your first year ,you are still a fresher, attend Freshers orientation, faculty or departmental orientation, walk round the school and go to places you haven’t been too, familiarize yourself with the school structure,attend theater art shows , symposium and other events holding at the Main auditorium. How will you know there is a free wifi in lasu unless you explore,how do you know there are computers with free internet services in the main library unless you explore,how will you know your faculty has its own personal library unless you explore explore,how will know you can actually take karate, judo , Taekwondo classes in lasu unless you can only be a Fresher once, make best use of it as it enable you to know the school system in and out before you know what’s best for you in the school and what is not worth it all.

4.Find your pack:

wolf pack

This is normal of humans as we are social animals, you may be a lion but brought up with sheep,it’s until you see other lions roar and prowl then you will discover your identity,there are numerous groups in lasu to discover and sharpen your gifts,talents and skills .if you are technically inclined there is the Data science Lasu, Google developers club lasu, UI/UX design club lasu, developers club lasu and the likes. For other genre there is the debate society lasu, state groups for bursaries,grants and scholarships (e.g National association of Osun state student lasu), religious groups as discussed in the first paragraph, political groups – student union, Neutral groups like the ICPC student anti-corruption vanguard, Women at risk foundation, Sdgs and Mdgs group.

If you are an aspiring music artist, comedian, dancer, master of ceremony, make very good use of the Freshers day orientation and other big shows hosted in the main auditorium to flaunt your gifts and get discovered. If you are a stream two student please take seriously your skills ,you are not paying 100+ for nothing, make sure you learn your skills well, furthermore stream one student should also pay attention to the skills they will choose when they get to 300 level, don’t just go for courses rumored to be simple,having a sure five, pick skills that match your interest,if mastered well can establish a stream of income for you, photography,web development and digital marketing, catering, cctv installation e.t.c. ENT302 is beyond having 5 , it can pave way to jobs during or after university.
All these various groups have created Celebrities beyond the wall of lasu, am sure you must have heard of one or two, all these various groups have produced great and wonderful individuals doing well in their respective field.
Just find your pack and you will be fine , However don’t join groups that are not registered by lasu ,it might land you in trouble even up to getting expelled or jailed if it is so serious.

5.Don’t skip classes: you are a freshman and no matter first hand information you must have heard concerning certain lecturers whether true or false is none of your business,attend lecturers judiciously,some staylites might even tell if you some lecturers organise seminars and make it compulsory for freshers to attend as attendance will be used to give marks, but at the end of the day it won’t be so, while it maybe true sometimes, don’t generalize it,attend all lectures and any programs,even if the lecturer do not come on time or at all for lectures it is your responsibility to be in class. 100 level is the best time to lay a foundation for a good CGPA.
It hard to realize that until you are in 300 level am you look backward.Right now make sure you keep having 5s and 4s in all your courses because as you amount higher in levels up to 300 level you will discover how scare 5s are hard to get .if you are the book types and you can maintain a good GP don’t forget there are scholarship opportunities for you in the school and outside,and there is always a prize for the overall best graduating student.

Quick tips, try to be online : whatsapp during exam periods, timetable may change and you may miss out on exams if you are not online to see such information in your department whatsapp group

Do not wear prohibited slippers, clothes to school during exam period , you will only waste your time.

Its not too late to start reading now, there are lot of extracurricular activities to derail you.

Ebooks and Printed materials is the way forward here in lasu, get them.

In conclusion, welcome to Lagos state university, a great citadel of learning, if you don’t know what you are looking for, anything will look for you. Lasu is fun and challenging, I wish you a wonderful time in Lasu.


  1. How can i perform during Freshers day orientation please.
    I am a dancer and I want to exhibit my talent just like you said.

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