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Antiphobia Condemn Incessant Killing in Modakeke, seek Authorities Intervention


The Chairman of Antiphobia Educational Group, MR. Saheed Oladoye (Antiphobia) has frown at the reoccurring killing of youth in Modakeke Community, Osun State .The Academia cum politician Shows this dissatisfaction in a memo issued and signed by him in the early hours Friday, August 19th.

He said, “I woke up on Friday morning to see the horrible video of a lifeless body of an adolescent young boy on the floor.”

“Accomplished in the video were two young boys handcuffed,of the same age bracket with a lifeless body on the floor.”

“Interrogating the two young culprits, they said they killed the young boy whom they claimed to be their friend with cutlass,that he was getting more money than them at their said “hustling” which is this internet fraudster job,”Yahoo Yahoo”. Thus, they have to kill him out of envy and jealousy.”

“Then this brought about this question”.

*Who is to be blamed?*

“Well, in as much as the community is going sour on daily basis and seems irredeemable, we cant fold out arms.”

“The society is the composition of several compounds formed through many families.”

“There is need for the society to check back the ways of our forefathers in training child/children.”

“Parents no longer train thier wards carefully again as they see every abnormalties as normal and they are so careless that they left every training to the hand of teachers that ought to be thought self.”

“A secondary school student who uses gadget like phones of over one hundred thousand,Do we even make use of phones during our own days abi we dnt get the necessary Education or was there anything we lacked? How is that normal? When a teenage has a phone worth of million…isn’t that too much?”

“No amount of money is huge before this kids.? Do we even have bank account number during our days.(That we even use bank as excursion)”

You do not need to spoil these kids unnecessary, he said

“Your children come home with different kind of hairstyles, dreadlock, tarrted cloths, expensive shoes, listen to all this irrelevant music tracks by uncultured musician (whereas neglecting artists like lucky dube, beautiful Nubia,Ayinla Omowura,odolaye Aremu etc) all these musician that promotes good Africa culture, clubbing at will and you see nothing bad in it, going out at will without restrictions and monitoring, having friends without proper checking etc.”

“Few weeks ago,I was with a prominent and successful businessman in my community, having an engagement with one of his kids who is a teenager,I noticed that the young boy has not even a small cell phone not to talk of those expensive one,guess wat,the boy had the best result in both jamb and his waec (you are thinking that isn’t why he had the result) keep deceiving yourself or you want to tell me that the parents couldn’t afford the gadget. No,I noticed it’s a special way of training the young boy and alas,it yielded positively.”

“To worsen it, our society too sees nothing bad in ways of getting money, just get money, then it’s okay.”

“A young boy of 15-20 years having properties worth of over millions, when did such start making money?”

“Our Religion leaders, please help us stop harboring these little kids in the name of spiritual consultations.”

Antiphobia also call on concerned bodies,ANCOPPS,NAPSS,AMIS etc to raise up thier voice in unison and fight against the aforementioned atrocities. He added that Students usage of cell phones should be banned,any Students whose parents think cannot be punished should stay at home,errings Students should be dealt with,poor performing Students should not be spared, let’s make the society sane again.

“Well, i believe we wouldn’t rest until the best is done. I pray may God help the society to be safe and sane again.”

Kayode Damilola

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