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Ibadan Poly Bans Pregnant Students, Newborn Babies From Campus

The Polytechnic, Ibadan, has banned pregnant female students and nursing mothers from bringing babies to classrooms and hostels.

The polytechnic’s decision was disclosed in a morality code signed by its governing council.

The polytechnic said students hugging each other publicly on campus would be suspended for one semester.

Adewole Soladoye, the polytechnic’s spokesman, confirmed the strict morality code.

“The school is not a nursing home. Is it right to bring babies into lecture rooms? It is definitely a distraction,” Mr Soladoye told Peoples Gazette. “They are free to have babies. But they should look for a childcare facility for their babies.”

The school governing council said certificates would only be awarded to students “upright” in their academic pursuit and moral conduct, urging them to shun indecent dressing.

The institution’s official memo is reproduced below.


Certificates of The Polytechnic, Ibadan, are awarded to Students found worthy in both academic pursuits and good character.

Students are required to abide by the Institution’s Standard and code of conduct, of which Indecent Dressing/Posture is one.

The Management, on behalf of the Governing Council, has approved for implementation of the under-listed Sanctions for the following categories of Indecent Dressing/Posture.


  1. Multi Coloured Braid for females. One (1) Semester suspension

2.Coloured Hairstyles. One (1) Semester suspension

3 Hair Braiding for Male. Two (2) Semester suspension

  1. Dreadlocks. One (1) Semester suspension
  2. Spangled Hair Style for Male. Two (2) Semester suspension
  3. Earring for Male/Cowries for Female. One (1) Semester suspension
  4. Unconventional Wearing of Face Cop/ Fez Cap. One (1) Semester suspension
  5. Tattered Jeans. One (1) Semester suspension
  6. Micro/Mini Dress. One (1) Semester suspension
  7. Crop Tops/Jump Tops. One (1) Semester suspension
  8. Off Shoulder Clothes. One (1) Semester suspension
  9. Backless Clothes. One (1) Semester suspension
  10. Transparent Wears. One (1) Semester suspension
  11. Bum Shorts. One (1) Semester suspension

15.Nose, Mouth Eye Extra rings. One (1) Semester suspension

  1. Sagging. One (1) Semester suspension
  2. Tattoo. One (1) Semester suspension


  1. Intimate Open Embrace (Hugging) One (1) Semester suspension
  2. Openly sitting on each other’s laps (Opposite Sex) One (1) Semester suspension
  3. Nursing Mothers/Pregnant Students residing in the Hostel. One (1) Semester suspension
  4. Bringing Babies to the Hostel/Classroom. Ejection from the Hostel/Classroom One (1) Semester suspension
  5. Driving of tinted vehicles by students into the campus. Impounding of Car One (1) Semester suspension


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